Kenya is preparing for Saint Philoumenos Church

As you all know, Father Methodius of Saint Timon Church In Kenya is more than a friend; he is family…Since 2014, a few friends set out to support the feeding program of our dearest father Methodius, who is now supporting almost 50 orphaned and underprivilieged kids. He is just a priest who, out of Love for Jesus Christ, found his calling in assisting and empowering children whose prospects for a better life loomed grim…But we all clubbed together and made a dream come true!!!The icon you see below is from a friend, called Justin, from California, who wanted to contribute this to the church!May God bless him and his family! Amen!!! Another bunch a friends from Rhodes (who prefer anonymity) clubbed together to purchase a lectern and another lady wove an altar cloth!A host of blessings!!!

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been in for the long haul!!!

Should anyone wish to join in, please contact father Methodius at :

Thanking you in advance and wishing you a Blessed life brimful of the joys that only the Holy Spirit bestows!!!


Sofia Kioroglou



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